Blogging is gettting more and more advanced as firms get the message that people are not interested in the constant barrage of advertising that fills almost every waking moment. Yet so many companies, big and small, seem to fail when it comes to creating a blogging strategy - they add the blog tab to their menu, enthusiastically tweet and email about the blog, post for a month or two and then peter out as the inspiration dries up.

Search the web for company blogs and you will find lots of trickles where once there were waterfalls, or worse, the kind of content that is written as an advert (think those "advertorial features" from the glory days of magazines). Very few brands have wised up to the fact that meaningful content, written by clever people within their organisation, can really strike a chord with readers, and more importantly, start a conversation with a potential customer. This is entirely forgivable, because getting your in house experts to blog is very hard, they rarely have the time or the inclination to sit down and come up with an idea, let alone a fully fledged blog post. They are not there to write, they are there to be lawyers or accountants or consultants or whatever else... and this is never going to change.

But however you look at it, you need to find a way to get the knowledge out of the heads of your clever people and onto your website, because that is what your potential customers want to see and that is what will help turn potential customers into customers.