I often hear businesses saying 'I'd love to use Instagram but my business isn't product-focused'.

It's a challenge to switch to a picture-based network if your work mostly involves sitting behind a laptop but not impossible. There are a few things you should bear in mind though:

  1. You need a new strategy for Instagram, what works on twitter etc, won't work here. Create images especially for it.
  2. Create images with text overlay, these could be inspirational quotations, statements about your mission, a reminder about a promotion or event etc....
  3. Show users what's going on backstage: maybe you've just launched a website: why not show how it looks from your desk? If your business is having an event, take pictures, etc
  4. Use hashtags. They're a great way of making people find you when they're not already following you.
  5. Stay on top of it: comment, follow, like!

Good luck!