Professional markets need to broaden their skills in order to keep pace with the changing needs of their colleagues and the firm’s clients. That is the overwhelming conclusion from Meridian West’s recent research among heads of marketing. 54% of senior marketers say they would like to improve their own strategic planning skills, while 58% said they would like to improve the commerciality skills of their team to better focus on client outcomes.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise: the research also shows that marketers want to add more strategic value to their firm. 55% agree that the role of professional marketers will be very different in 2020 than it is now.

To achieve significant change will require both a skills-set and a mind-set shift. When properly equipped with confidence and the right insights, marketers are well-placed to become internal consultants to help fee-earners craft business development plans, launch new propositions in new markets and connect with more clients.

Given these shifts, the forthcoming Professional Services Marketing Handbook - including chapters on thought leadership and commerciality by Meridian West - offers timely guidance to marketers on how to achieve tactical and strategic success. Kogan Page have made a preview chapter of the book available online now.