I have cause to spend a lot of time looking at companies blog pages - there are good ones, hopeful ones (Our new blog - coming soon!) and quite a lot that stopped being added to in 2013. Personal blogs are a different story, most people with a personal blog love to write and know exactly what they want to write about; but in business blogging, actively maintaining the blog can be resource heavy and it's a constant battle to get busy people to contribute anything meaningful. So here are some tips that might help?

Keep it Interesting - Kind of a no-brainer, if you are savvy and know your audience, you will have a good idea of what interests them. If not you could ask?

Make sure it's Valuable - The cost is what you pay - the value is what you get! People reading your blog posts have not paid so if you can give them something genuinely valuable (advice, opinion etc) they will keep coming back.

Authenticity? - Everyone has their own style and way of writing, some good, some bad and some just plain ugly; but it's important to be yourself and write with your own authentic voice (perhaps get a collegue to read through before you publish just in case....). Your potential readers are not stupid and an expert with 30 years experience will write in a very different way from a 19 year old student moonlighting as a ghostwriter.

Context? - They used to say content is king, now they say context is king - the truth is somewhere in between. Strike a balance between the two and you will have a relevant and interesting post! All the better if you can react swiftly to news and developments that are relevant to your business.

Keep it Visual - Think about how difficult it is to read through a neverending block of text? Then take that block of text and break it up with images, subheadings and bullet points and try reading it again! Consider the huge amount of skim-readers out there and be sure to signpost your key points.

Think Bite Size - I'm not saying you should stop writing lengthy posts, but I am saying that peoples attention spans are shorter than ever. Your lengthy post is less likely to be read unless it's very interesting. Shorter, more visual posts where your reader can see the end will be read more than your two foot long diatribes.

Share the load - There are probably several experts in your business, so use them all rather than getting the same two people to contribute every other day. Two people blogging weekly will give you 8 posts a month, but 10 people blogging monthly will contibute 10 a month.

Share the post - You have a new post, so share it. Post to linkedin, share on twitter/google+/facebook and make sure your team are doing the same. If you can go back to the person that wrote it and tell them 'x' people shared their piece and 'y' people read it, they will probably be happy to write another....

A good business blog utilises all of the above. Short, relevant, visual posts written by a diverse range of experts will ensure your business is percieved as people that are worth talking to...

Hope this helps!