Most of us have a blog on our website, whether we update it regularly, sporadically or haven’t posted since 2005 it’s probably time for an audit…

…for most of us the word “audit” promotes a stifled yawn and visions of hours of number crunching paper pushing hell, but giving your blog the once over can be very beneficial:

Out with the old: Take the time to go through your posts and work out which content is no longer relevant. This is especially pertinent for anyone working in an industry that moves fast. What was new three years ago is likely to be completely outdated. Opinion pieces on the law can go out of date with new legislation and advice that was up to date in 2009 could be way off in 2015.

What’s working: Your content audit also gives you the chance to work out which topics resonate well with your audience, a look at the stats and topics on your blog can give you an insight into what to focus on going forward

What’s missing: Linked to “what’s working” you also have a chance to focus on areas and topics that you haven’t covered in the past few years, are there areas that your company excels in that no one has ever blogged about. Have you missed a hot topic that your competitors are all over?

What are people looking for: Do you have a search function on your blog? If you do, you should take the time to look at the stats and see what your audience are looking for, and more importantly make sure you have these areas covered – odds are if they can’t find it on your site they will go somewhere else!

Call to action: Do your older posts have a call to action, a contact email address or an option to sign up for your newsletter? It’s likely that your older posts were written by someone that isn’t with you any more – it’s a great opportunity to update everything and make sure your audience are getting what they want rather than a link to a dead email address.

A new dawn: Doing everything above should also go hand in hand with creating your new content plan, you know what works, what’s missing and what your audience want to read about so you can make sure it’s all served up for them.

Happy auditing!!