I could list all the well-known benefits of being percieved as a thought leader or an organisation of thought leaders - I'm not going to! Instead I'm going to talk about one which came a little bit out of left field and doesn't seem to be discussed a lot, but in retrospect shouldn't be that surprising - the positive effect it can have on your recruitment strategy...

On active jobseekers:

Good people want to work for and with the best. Those that are actively job hunting do a great deal of research before they decide to apply. Some of the strongest motivators include:

  • Company reputation and brand
  • Working with the best people in the field
  • Chance to learn and develop new skills and expertise

If your company is stuffed full of clever experts that take the time to demonstrate their expertise, you are immediately ahead of the game on all these counts!

On passive candidates

Passive candidates, to many recruiters, are the holy grail - talented superstars that are not thinking about a move - until they start noticing your organisation and seeing the calibre of people they could be working with. What better way to attract them than with regular demonstrations of your thought leadership.

Just another reason to spend a bit of time getting your experts to be a bit more visible...