What can you give in return? Can you refer work or make recommendations or help them in some way? Try and connect with people you can help in return and keep these at the top of your target list.

Follow up immediately – for key leads and those coffee suggestions, arrange to meet as soon as possible. Send a note one your way home or draft a note to send the next morning. Either way, send it fast. Don't forget to add all contacts to Outlook or your CRM.

Ask for work – when you meet your newly found contact, you need to ask them for work, be it a referral or recommendation.

Use social media – you may not be a fan of social media, nor want to put your face in the public eye. That doesn't mean the firm can't follow your targets, retweet, mention and get involved in LinkedIn discussions. Share your contacts with the marketing support and let them do the hard work.

Share something – you don't have to always use social media or make a referral. You may however see an article that is relevant to a contact. Send a quick email with, "thought this may be of interest" Don't be worried if they don't reply, people are busy.

Ask for work (again) – yes, it is already mentioned above but you always need to be asking.