A substantial proportion of firms are still leaving money on the table when it comes to their digital strategy. Marketing has long been a faith-based initiative for these firms - a silo where money goes in and maybe somewhere down the line leads come out.

Marketing doesn't have to be like this. In a digital age the tools exist to examine almost every part of your activity, measure effectiveness, and determine ROI. This goes double for your digital strategy. Failing to take a data-driven approach is like choosing to drive blindfolded; pretty soon you'll be overtaken by competitors, or worse - make bad decisions and crash.

Creating content is a fantastic way to drive engagement, raise your profile, and prove your expertise. However, to truly understand how effective your efforts are it's important to understand exactly what impact it's having. Which content is driving the conversation? What are people interested in reading? Which pieces are generating potential leads? These are all questions that can be answered with analytics.

It doesn't take a lot of investment to start seeing improvements, especially on the web. The first step is to start measuring data in the first place. With even a slightly better understanding of your content and your clients' behaviour, you can substantially increase the effectiveness of your activity by focusing on the most effective approaches.

The upshot? More engagement. More understanding. More, and higher quality leads. Better ROI.