I was asked recently if I had any advice for companies that work in “boring” industries when it comes to creating content, and as it happens, I have a few thoughts.

What is boring? I find TV shows that have anything to do with buying or selling houses incredibly boring, but my wife loves them. She finds cricket fairly dull but I could watch it all day long. The word “boring” is very subjective and what makes one person fall asleep might be the thing that fills another person with passion and excitement.

It’s important to differentiate between the perception that your industry or sector is boring and the perception that your content is boring:

Boring industry – there are very few industries that are of particular interest to those that don’t work in them or with them. Even if what you do seems boring, it’s likely that it will be of interest to the people that buy what you sell, so why waste time creating content for anyone else just so that it can be perceived as exciting?

Boring content – boring content is not limited to industries that are perceived as being boring, spend enough time on enough company blogs and you will find the most exciting subject matter rendered deeply dull by the wrong approach to content creation.

Both issues are easy to get around with a few simple concepts:

Know your audience – Interact with them, build buyer persona's, analyse what resonates well and don’t worry about people that aren't part of your constituency – they are unlikely to ever buy from you so who cares if they think what you do is dull!

Write for your audience – if you know who your audience are, you probably have a shrewd idea of how they communicate, develop a voice and tone that appeals to them, if it’s clear they like informative snippets of information rather than lengthy diatribes or vice-versa, be sure to give them what they want.

Keep it simple - Translate difficult concepts, turn complex ideas into simple ones and always bear in mind that the only people who understand your industry jargon are those that use it every day!

Finally – celebrate the boring, what makes some people think what you do is boring might be the very reason you are successful, stop trying to be cool or keep up with the funky consumer brands and let your passion for what you do shine through – however dull it may be!