Interesting article on SEO and how Google views blogs & content. For me the statistics on how organisations attribute their increase in web traffic (image below) are very interesting - blogging is number one and SEO number two!

Blogging and SEO are intrinsically linked, like a married couple or successful partnership

that complement each other perfectly:

  • SEO requires content. Blogging is content.
  • SEO needs relevant keywords. Blogging (done right) uses all the keywords that are relevant to your business and customers.
  • SEO needs links. A good blog leads to lots of links.
  • SEO prioritises unique content. Getting your people to blog provides unique content.
  • SEO requires consistent output. Regular blogging within a well organised content marketing strategy gives you consistent output.

Complicated and ever changing algorithms aside, Google’s long term goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and the best user experience.

An example given in the article (linked below) talks about Googling the phrase "best gold jewellery cleaner" - the top natural search results are helpful articles and blog posts about cleaning gold - rather than shops that sell gold or gold cleaners! It perfectly illustrates the importance of a good blog for your business.

My key takeaway is that you should be on top of both SEO and Blogging, but if you don't want to spend money on an SEO consultant or spend hours learning about algorithms and backlinks, be sure to have a blog that delivers regular, helpful and interesting advice and help to your audience!