There's no escaping it. Marketing is changing.

Buying habits now see the process firmly in the hands of the customer, rather than the brains behind the selling business and marketing knows that they need to change in order to avoid become inadequate.

Some of the most interesting developments lie around the merging of offline and online. Taking an example from a retail level, when a customer is browsing in store, they are now far more likely to be using a mobile device to browse pricing alternatives or reviews. The boundaries are shifting and the previous fight between online and offline is becoming irrelevant - they need to start working together to bring in revenue.

The world of technology and the Internet may be growing, but we need to remember that the real world is where your customers physically exist.

As Gartner note in their recent report, "The blurring of physical and digital worlds allows marketers the opportunity to create and test new digitally led experience".

It's an exciting time for customer experience as the opportunities for technology enhancing physical experience grow. Take this example of how Kew are using iBeacons and Wi-Fi to take the visitor journey around the attraction to a new level.

As the possibilities constantly develop, it only takes a little creativity to really get offline and online marketing working together in innovative ways and push customer experience to new areas of delight.