Let's take a moment to consider a new perspective on the fact that marketing has changed beyond measure over the past few years.

Yes, the Internet has provided us with the ability to personalise our responses to both prospects and customers as they take over the driving seat in the buying journey, but what about that backlog we're building. The marketing efforts that just keep giving.

Traditional marketing methods like telemarketing and printed ads are often a snapshot in time. Once the call ends, or the magazine finds itself finished and thrown in the bin they're gone. Social media, blogging and websites have entirely the opposite effect, they're evergreen.

Consider the value of a prospect who wasn't quite ready at the time of your campaign stumbling across a relevant blog post again at a later stage and making that decision to proceed.

A blog post can be updated and tweaked to reflect developments but ultimately once a particular digital campaign has ended, the materials are still very present, and will continue to bring you traffic and leads (if set up well in the first place) even once you've got your head in to the next project.

The payoff in terms of ROI as a result of this are huge. Yes, it can be slightly trickier to track as you need to consider more than the start to end of a project, but if you're utilising analytics tools you can see value being delivered long after the scheduled deadline. The fact that a greater ROI often results in more budget the following year makes it a no brainer to start tracking it in the first place.

Now that's value for your marketing efforts.

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