One of the mainstays of B2C social media is shareability – consumer led social campaigns rely on being fun/lively/interesting enough that people want to share their content. This leads to increased engagement and interaction, and ensures their campaign gets out to the biggest possible and most relevant audience.  If someone is following your brand on Facebook, twitter etc, it’s highly likely that their friends and followers have similar interests and would be a potential customer.

In the B2B world, a lot of the same principles apply, a Chief Executive of one of your clients is likely to have LinkedIn connections at a similar level at similar organisations. If you can create content that she or he finds interesting/engaging enough to share, you suddenly have access to a new group of potential clients. If it’s shared to a group you may find a discussion you can get involved in or a new lead you can speak to. But how do you make sure your content is shareable?

Is it useful, helpful  or beneficial to the reader?   does it solve a problem, help with a pain point or add a new way of thinking about something? If it doesn’t answer any of these then it’s probably not that shareable. No one is going to share the write up of your company day at the races but they will share a new way of tackling a problem in your industry.

Is it interesting and  engaging (to your audience)? If you get half way through an article, stifle a yawn and get on with your day, you are unlikely to subject your connections to the same feelings of boredom – no one is going to share content they find dull! There is a level of challenge here, many industries are perceived as being boring and you have to know your audience well to know what engages them. Content written by accountants (for example) for other accountants will need to differ from content written by accountants for their clients.    

Is it expert-led? Good content written by experts in their field is always going to have share value!

Is it current or new?  Does your content cover something new? A development in your industry or an angle on the latest news?

If you can give a positive answer to all or most of the above, then your content is likely to have share value – however you should ask one more question before posting…

… will sharing your  content benefit the sharer? This is far more important in B2B than B2C. People won’t think twice about sharing content from their favourite consumer brand, but in B2B people will put much more thought into sharing something. Will it make them look good to their peers, clients or future clients? Will it help them start a discussion or make a new contact? If they can see a benefit in sharing, they will share.