Agencies and businesses need to focus on how to treat Inbound leads.  

I'm actually delighted that finally more companies and agencies are focussing on what is actually the most important goal of any marketing campaign - revenue.  Brand awareness, thought-leadership, lead generation etc... great but if a business wants to grow you need to join the dots and ensure you can measure how this affects the revenue. 

Sales teams need training on how to tackle these leads differently, using the knowledge of the buyers journey and using this insight to drive their conversations and behaviour.  

Processes need building between marketing and sales in order create an open flow of communication.  Marketing teams should be passing leads with the 'play' as in here is what we want you to do with this specific lead.  

The Play:

Review the interactions of the prospect to identify where they are in their buyers journey

Open the call and ask questions about their latest interaction (did the download work ok? did it answer your questions? can I look into any questions it didn't answer?)

Use the conversation to lead towards one of these 3 outcomes:

1. Advance the sale by scheduling a call or meeting

2. Pass the lead into a nurture process (fit but the prospect is not ready yet)

3. Disqualify lead as being a bad fit and feedback to marketing