The results are in. Adobe have released their marketing predictions for 2016 and it seems that we will be re-invigorating our email efforts to keep this communication medium alive.

So how can you make sure your email marketing isn't getting left behind?


Mass emails with no mention of the recipient's name can seem robotic, and with software like Hubspot making this easy to include, there really is no excuse any more. Segment your database and send different emails to different industries to really tailor the content to them rather than opting for a blanket approach. One size certainly doesn't fit all.

Add Value

What is the actual point of your email? If you're just explicitly selling something then you're probably doing it wrong. Send them a blog post that would be of interest to them, offer them free delivery as a loyal customer or if they've downloaded something on your site, give them an ungated copy of a related piece of content too. With hundreds of emails received every day, why should they click through on yours specifically?

Don't bombard them

It's a no brainer really. Spam isn't fun. Keep it relevant and timely, and always consider what has been sent out to the same contacts recently, to avoid over-sending.

It all comes down to the simple fact that although a person has signed up to receive your emails, there's nothing stopping them from unsubscribing and cutting off that line of communication if you're not being considerate or bringing them any value. Make it one of your top priorities for your 2016 marketing strategy.