David Laud's blog on the The Law Society Gazette website really struck a cord with me. I know firms that have many followers on social media but they have not led to new business. 

If I had a penny for every time a lawyer said to me, "I have lots of connections but do not do anything with them," I would be a millionaire! As David states, the real value in using social media is in building mutually beneficial relationships with key influencers who can help you amplify your message in your target markets. 

If you are time resource poor (and most lawyers are - as well of the rest of us!), why not focus your social media efforts on these influencers instead of scrolling through 'People you may know' for 30 minutes (very easy to do, I know)? 

Make a list of your key influential business contacts for 2016 and start engaging with them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Make sure you set up calls and meetings off the back of your social media efforts and watch your practice grow.