B2B and B2C marketing are often thought of as being pretty incompatible, with B2B marketers feeling that they do not have room to emulate the creativity of their consumer-facing colleagues. But the lines between the two have become blurred: blogs from companies like Moz and Buffer - both B2B software providers - speak directly to the one or two people in a company who might use their product, ignoring the rest. Meanwhile, young upstarts in sectors that are traditionally engineering-lead - like Xero in accounting software and ZenDesk in online helpdesk - are focusing on design and user experience, forcing old stalwarts to evolve and take a more customer-centric, rather than client-centric, approach.

The reason these companies are successful is simple: you never really sell to a business, always to the people who make it up. That's why you should always build personas before starting, and that's why creativity and emotional appeal in B2B marketing can bring great results.

Get some inspiration from this Hubspot post to see how you can apply B2C ideas to B2B companies and start marketing to your real clients: the people in the business.