Anthony Hilton's recent column (link below) in the Evening Standard really surprised me. 

According to a Deloitte survey he mentions, currently one in five mobile phone users don't use it to speak to people. The thought of primarily communicating via text, email, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, twitter and other mobile-based apps depresses me. 

Although we train professionals how to use LinkedIn to raise their profiles and build business relationships, we would never advise someone to stay exclusively on the LinkedIn app! So much is lost if a business relationship is purely online. The nuances one picks up in meetings are crucial - according to research, 93% of communication is done via tone of voice and body language. 

However, online platforms are here to stay. So, yes, use online platforms as they offer a very efficient way to stay in touch and build relationships - but use them in conjunction with actual face-to-face meetings. To dismiss the importance of these offline interactions would be business suicide.