Starberry preach the importance of adding some personality to data capture forms. Where possible you have to make an online experience emulate the offline environment. When someone walks in to your shop or office, they meet a person, normally with a welcoming smile on their face.

We have done many A/B tests that can clearly demonstrate that by adding a face to a form can dramatically increase engagement.

Starberry put a lot of attention to mapping out the whole on-boarding workflow, whether it be for a simple registration, through to opening an account or filling out a job application. Everyone one of these forms are potentially money in the bank, so never under estimate their importance, and pay attention.

Also, once a form is submitted, make sure you let the user know they've done good, with a simple thank you or congratulations, and if possible back this up with a rich email confirmation.

If you feel you aren't getting enough online conversions, we are ready and waiting to add some personality and love to your online forms and confirmations.