The importance of aligning your Sales and Marketing teams is now more crucial than ever. Let's take another look at that oft-repeated stat -90% of marketing deliverables (i.e. leads) are not used by sales. That's just not good enough, and it's an inevitably fruitless expedition to try and sanction some blame. Let's just sort it out.

The thing is, there's no 'one size fits all' for getting the two to work together. Every business is different and as a result you need to tailor your process of sales enablement based on your goals and needs as a whole.

The fundamental element that you need to remember, is that when Marketing decides a particular lead has potential, and passes it to Sales (with detail of why they've done so via a play), one of the following happens every single time after they've made some contact.

A) Disqualify the lead - and explaining to Marketing why so that the process for qualifying them can be refine

B) Nurture the lead - they may not be ready now but that doesn't mean pick up the phone to them occasionally. No, i'm talking about having an automated nurture process which keeps that engagement going and offers them the opportunity to come to you when they're finally ready

C) Proceed - following a conversation with the lead, they're definitely an opportunity and so can now be classified as an SQL

The key to all of this is keeping that line of communication open between the two teams. Too many people being disqualified? Take a look at the marketing which got them to that point. Too many sat waiting as an MQL with no move from Sales? Try to understand why and whether it's a lack of resources or one team member not pulling their weight, make a change.

Sales and Marketing alignment can only improve quality and success of leads, and who can argue with that?