I'm not really a stranger to you, but unknown to you now, I'm probably going to be one of your best customers in the future.

I'm one of those people on the periphery of your network, the second or third step away from you, connected to you by someone who knows you well enough to promote your services to me.

The thing is, I now have a problem, and our mutual acquaintance thinks you can help me, so they've just recommended you. 

So can you guess what I've just done?

Yup, I've just checked you out online.

The thing is, I couldn't actually find anything on your website that looks like what our friend told me about you.  

No reference at all to the type of problem I have, just a load of bland 'expert' this and 'innovative' that, and some other 'industry leading' tosh that doesn't mean anything to me.

You see, your website shouldn't be about you, it should be about me. I'm the one with the need. I need to find out more about my problem and work out if:

A - I can safely ignore it (my preferred option)

B - I can fix it myself (my second option)

C - I can pay someone to make the problem go away (your preferred option, hopefully)

So could you do me a favour? Could you fix your website please to help me out?

Thanks ever so much.

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