It has been said that 2016 could well be the year of content as more and more companies realise this is a great way to reach out to customers. But surely we're going to have a problem if businesses all start simply throwing bits and pieces that don't necessarily add value, in to the giant melting pot of noise that is the Internet?

The crucial element that often many overlook as it's so easy to publish content, is that you need to have a strategy in place. I'm not talking about a rigid plan for the next year which you have to stick to no matter what. That really won't work either. 

Over planning can be setting yourself up for a fall, but some element of planning is just good sense.

Social Media Today have pulled together a great post here, advising the things you need to consider as part of your strategy. 

My top 3?

- Know your audience. Having 3-4 company personas which are constantly referred back to and kept in mind is a must.

- Identify key channels This will help you to understand where you should be focussing your efforts. There's no point spreading yourself too thin and trying to have a presence on all social media sites if your prospects only really spend time on say, LinkedIn.

- Draft a content calendar to not only give you an overview of all content in the pipeline, but will help to keep track of members of the team or external agencies hitting deadlines so you are publishing regularly and consistently. It will also give you an easy look at whether you have an even spread across topic areas and stages of the buyer journey.