Take a moment to look at your five most recent blog posts. I mean really look at them. Now that you've written them, published them and stepped away to delve into other tasks, read them again as a collective and see what you think.

Are your audience actually going to want to read this, or are they going to be snoozing off in the middle of sentence two? Particularly in B2B, if the post is highly technical, full of facts and little else then that's likely to be the case.

In this whirlwind of content, where most businesses are 'having a go at blogging' we're often forgetting the most important thing. Now, if you've read my other posts then you're likely to be sat there thinking yes yes we know the customer. Well this time i'm actually talking about context (ok, and a little bit about the customer too).

One of the main problems we see when it comes to B2B content is that as it's often written by someone very knowledgeable in a certain area, the post becomes highly technical and tends to leave the reader with a case of information overload. You will always know more than your audience, that's why you're the experts, so take a step back and look at your content from a different perspective.

Stand out from the crowd, inject some human interest into your content and not only will the technicalities become more palatable to a content-weary IT Manager, but they will also then be better equipped to convince the other decision makers in their organisation, too.

The article below addresses some crucial points in conquering your biggest content challenges. Particularly when looking at engagement it's so important to root those B2B products in reality and give them some tangible context.