Just in case you didn’t already know. Our ruler (also known as Google) places value on high quality content.

The days of link building, and keyword stuffing your content are over. Google is becoming more and more clever, and so should your content to match. Now it’s all about long-term strategy when it comes to your content and really getting into the mind of your audience. And then creating resourceful content to match this that will attract attention naturally.

In fact, predictions for 2016 is that content marketing and SEO will eventually become one of the same, rather than two separate concepts.  

The marketing environment is constantly evolving, and people no longer like to feel as though they are being sold to. The same applies when it comes to your online content, people do not appreciate it being forced upon them. If there’s anything you do when it comes to your content strategies for 2016- make your content resourceful and useful to the reader, and be modest. Attract attention naturally not forcibly and watch the relationship between your content and SEO flourish.