I wrote a post yesterday entitled 6 types of people you don't want to meet at a networking event and have had a lot of feedback from people suggesting some other types they would rather avoid at an event, so without further ado – 6 more people you don’t want to meet...

The Blocker – Works for a competitor or a company that does something vaguely similar and see you as a threat, it seems like the only reason they have come to the event is to stop you from talking to anyone at all. They’ll follow you around like a puppy (without the charm) and shoehorn themselves into every conversation you get involved in.

Mr Social Skills – Part hammer, part bulldozer, Mr Social Skills knows the person you are talking to but (alas) has never learnt the art of social interaction and will, given the opportunity, bludgeon their way into your conversation without introducing themselves and proceed to have a cosy chat that you struggle to take part in.

The Over-Talker– “Blessed” with a loud voice and an utter lack of finesse, the Over-Talker is the person whose mission in life is to stop anyone else from getting more than three words out. Every time you open your mouth they will wait a short time and then start talking loudly  – it’s unlikely that they will contribute anything meaningful to the conversation.

Captain Yawn – I feel it’s unfair to put these people in with the others, it’s probably not their fault they are dull! Captain Yawn has a monotonous voice that renders even the most exciting subject matter boring, combined with a strange magnetism that makes them very difficult to escape.

The Sidekick – Not as outwardly irritating as Mr Social Skills or the Over-Talker but the Sidekick is the person that simply enjoys being part of a group, they’ll wait until you are in conversation and then walk over and hover nearby, nodding occasionally without ever introducing themselves or contributing.

The One Too Many -  Networking can be daunting and this person works on the premise that a bit of social lubrication will help them get over their nerves. Sadly for them they had a bit too much and now have an overabundance of self-confidence, a slight slur and a desire to be your best friend.

On a less light-hearted note, writing the list of people I don’t want to meet at events made me sit back and think about how I approach these occasions and whether I have ever been one of these people…. Have you?