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Coming soon to a billboard near you

The day has finally arrived where tech previously only seen in sci-fi movie The Minority Report has hit our out-of-home advertising screens. 

Outdoor media advertisers Clear Channel Outdoor have teamed up with mobile provider AT&T to track the identities of people who pass their billboards. Although the data will apparently be anonymised, the behaviour and characteristics of an audience can be determined and shared with advertisers.

Whilst the technology has been described as 'creepy' and 'the most recent intrusion into our privacy', a 2015 survey* by Deloitte and YouGov suggested that ~42% of those surveyed would be happy to share their data in order to receive a more personalised product or service.

Whatever your thoughts about this latest endeavour, it doesn't look like audience segmentation and big data are going away any time soon.  

*Source: Deloitte/ YouGov 2-7 April 2015

AT&T has paired up with Clear Channel Outdoor on a new billboard endeavor using new technology called Radar. The billboards will be able to track the phones of passersby to monitor how effective the advertising is.  


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