Around half of B2B marketers are using Promoted Posts and Sponsored Adverts on Social Media, but fewer than half rate them effective.  

Promoting posts enable marketers to deliver quality content directly to a specific target market. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all have similar capabilities, you pay to place your content directly in front of your potential prospect.

LinkedIn showcase a variety of case studies where using sponsored content has brought a positive ROI, so where are most companies falling down?

1) Target Audience is too Broad

Each social media platforms marketing tools enable laser targetting specific audiences, the broader a audience is, the harder it is to make adverts and content relevant. Smaller groups of 10,000-20,000 (or less) are much more similar and therefore easier to compel than a broad group of over 100,000.

2) Irrelevant Content

Content delivered to the target audience is of little interest or use to them. An opportunity to educate prospects on the benefits and value you can bring, instead descends into a trumpet blowing contents with your competitors. All content should start and end with the customer in mind, what would add value to them? Which of their pains can we cure? What our the benefits of working with us?

Different customers purchase different products & services for different reasons - its impossible to make content relevant for all of them. Combine relevant content with the correct target audience to boost engagement

3) Split Testing

Testing multiple adverts consistently will improve the results of your advertising. Measuring results, implementing new creatives and tweaking the audience leads to more prospects. Half of companies do one test, write it off as not working and move on. Put together testing hypothesis, run it, measure results and repeat, more evidence means better decisions and positive ROI.

4) No Compelling call to action

Content is great at getting attention, its useless without getting a prospect to take action yet so many sponsored adverts have weak or no call to action. 

We read a blog, are compelled by the content but there is no logical next step - so we move onto the next piece of content. Asking your prospect to do something right after they have read a quality relevant piece of content is the best time to get a response. 

Ask them to pick up the phone, opt in for more content or visit our products page - move them further down the buying cycle and not away from your business.