Ogilvy was a true trail blazer and proclaimed as the Father of Advertising. My particular favourite quote of his was:

'The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.'

This article contains David's 20 unconventional rules for getting clients, many of which are possibly even more important today than back in the pre-internet era.

If you are planning for growth by getting new clients, there's a lot here to consider.

However, there are often some really fundamental things that growing businesses haven't got in place because they fall through the gaps between people's roles.

Questions we often find haven't been answered yet are:

- How many new customers can you bring on board in a month before you have to tell Sales to stop?

- What percentage of marketing leads are actually being converted by Sales right now? How many go uncalled?

- How many attempts are made to contact a lead before the lead is discarded? (If it's less than 6, you are wasting over 80% of your pipeline right there).

If you haven't planned your growth based on moving these numbers, you haven't planned your growth properly.

Every day, I have very interesting conversations with people who are trying to work this stuff out. If you'd like to be a part of one of those conversations, let me know.

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