Facebook is marketers platform of choice for B2C, but what part can it play in B2B marketing. There are no shortage of case studies showing its effectiveness, so where does the opportunity lie? 

There are just over 30 million users of Facebook in the UK, many of which are looking for B2B products and services. Users are accustomed to consuming content, analysing reviews and communicating about brands both B2C/B2B via Facebook. So how can a B2B business harness this opportunity? 

1. Advertising

Facebook continue to develop sophisticated advertising around "Work",  campaignscan be targeted at Employees of Specific Companies, Job Titles (Heads of HR etc), Industries and even office type (Home, Small Business). 

Combining this with the more traditional targeting methods, age, location, interests - an accurate target B2B audiences can be constructed.  

Remarketing on Facebook is a great way to reach out to prospects who have engaged with your business in other channels. 

Visitors to your website and email databases can be integrated with Facebook advertising . Engaging across multiple platforms provides an opportunity to convert a customer who otherwise may not have returned.     

2. Business Pages

A Facebook business page is the perfect place to showcase your company. Company culture is important for both future customers and potential employees. Creating content focusing on fun and interesting facts about your company will help you connect with your audience and encourage them to share. 

Enabling reviews will serve your business two fold, positive feedback encourages more prospects to convert, while criticism (when constructive!) will help you identify areas you can improve on. 

3. Host Events

Next time your company runs an event set it up as a Facebook event and encourage your customers/prospects to register via Facebook and share it. When followers register for your event the people in their network (often like minded) will be notified.

This works for virtual events such as Webinars and for an added boost your event can even be promoted with Facebook Adverts. 

Facebook has shown to be an effective B2B platform and should certainly be considered as part of any marketing strategy. The only real way to know is to get started, work out how best to integrate it into your business, run some test campaigns and see what you learn.