I've been thinking a lot about content engagement recently. I'm as guilty as anyone for checking analytics to make sure there's that satisfying rise to the right, and like to see the share numbers heading in the right direction on a post. 

But deep down it doesn't really sit well with me, and this articles summarises it perfectly. Often we're so preoccupied with the vanity metrics that we overlook the reality of a blogs 'success'.

It's both interesting and seriously worrying to see the disparity between views, and the times a post is shared on Twitter, for example. It seems many people are just sharing interesting headlines without even reading the content. It's clickbait gone mad!

How many times have you mindlessly liked a well written headline when scrolling quickly? Exactly.

Take a look at this article to see what you should be measuring instead of views and shares. Your reports may have to change, and they might not be as 'wow' at first, but I think it's far better to be tracking something like conversions and starting actual conversations than thinking those many visits are equating to success.