A lot of companies totally miss the boat on not just our attention spans, but also on our willingness to spend time for a favor. Let's face it, filling out surveys is essentially a favor. 

We are often begged and pleaded with to complete a survey. If we find it within ourselves to complete a survey one day, the worst thing that can happen is we find ourselves, half and hour later, still clicking through and nowhere near done. This is where we can say surveys fail.

How do we solve this problem? We solve it by restructuring surveys to match the needs of the survey taker while all along collecting what the survey creator needs: results. Quick micro-surveys have proven effective because of their short, quick nature. They are just a few questions.Qrvey offers an application for quick surveys that are designed to be short and thus more pleasant to take. Catering to the short attention span of those you want to survey will get you more responses and hopefully, unlike Thompson's experience, no more browser quitting mid-survey.