Business growth is a very forward focused word and activity. The analogy that works for me is its a bit like walking to the top of the nearest mountain. You reach what you think is the summit only to find its a false summit and behind it is the real one and so on. 

With so much focus on the growth its easy to forget to look behind. 

The irony is that all the work that goes into making a business focused on Inbound and content marketing is in most cases completely reusable for existing clients. 

Take the example in this article. Most of the collateral created can be reused for existing clients. Keeping them informed about the business, current and new products and services et al. It is often said that for inbound marketing/marketing automation to be successful Sales and Marketing need to work together as one. This examples suggests that this concept has been lost.

Key to success of any organisation is not driving leads but converting them. Marketing automation systems in particular have a fantastic ability to be used as one to one marketing tools. Get your sales team involved they will start to see the value and add value on top.