It's 2016 and some companies - especially in the B2B space - are still focusing on putting their product first.

With the power of social media encouraging everyone to have their say, especially in the B2C space, now's the time to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your customer.

Just look at Tesco, in the quote below David Lewis understands their recent successes are because they have learned to put the customer first.

Whether for B2B or B2C, social media can be dangerous

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, just like Facebook, but for a very different market. If you manage to upset the Head of an IT department, chances are he/she aren't going slam you on your LinkedIn company page, but they will probably advise their network of professional associates to avoid you. 

Just like in B2C social media communication, this kind of negative awareness can affected your business.

It doesn't matter what space your customer is in...they should ALWAYS come first!