Pinterest is changing (slightly and slowly), just in time of their announcement, that we can now promote pins on their platform... However the app hasn't always been very user-friendly. 

When testing Pinterest's advertising platform last week, we were curious to know how long it would take for our Pin to load if a user wasn't connected to wifi (as this is exceptionally important for the results of our campaigns). 

Would this still count as an impression and questioned whether this would push up our CPM (cost per impression). Or do they operate a viewable impression advertising model only? Leading in tracking activity and ROI, we were prematurely questioning the platform's effectiveness for Direct Response and ROI. 

This was an issue for Facebook last year too, who  changed their framework to accommodate users on the go. The other benefit for this meant advertising was even more powerful in regards to location targeting and results.  

This news, is exactly what we were hoping for, offering the users the best UX possible, meaning they'll engage with the app, our pins and clients boards far more then they could before, all leading to better end results.