Measuring content and its ROI is always a challenge.  Too much emphasis is placed on visits. page-views, social media likes and shares that it usually misses the mark entirely.  

Content, and the investment companies put into its production and amplification should serve a purpose that is tied to company business goals, nothing else.  

Similar story too with social media.  Its emphasis on vanity metrics like followers, engagement, likes, shares etc means nothing if it doesn't map to company goals.

If you run an eCommerce store, the ROI of your content could be tied to transaction volume/value, software companies - leads generated and the resulting sales from those, e-learning courses - new online enrollments etc etc.  

Don't fall into the trap of measuring on irrelevant metrics that while may seem important don't allow you move your business forward in a meaningful way.  

In the inbound marketing space, agencies across the globe are ultimately measured by the volume and quality of leads generated for their clients. 

Measured by volume (and increasingly) the amount of closed business - this is how we add value to those clients that invest in content and inbound marketing services to move their businesses forward.