I'm intrigued and excited at the potential for what we can learn about a person just from their Social Media profile photo.

As part of my workshops and presentations, I often show real Social Media profile photos and ask my audience what the picture is telling them about the person concerned.  As human beings we are pretty quick to draw conclusions, and unfortunately this is something that all too often we forget when posting up our own picture on say, LinkedIn.

Very often on sites like LinkedIn, not surprisingly we try very hard to look competent and confident - though what most people are looking for initially and at a subconscious level is whether or not we can trust the person.  After that we look for things like competence, confidence and likeability - and it's all done in the blink of an eye.

This is a useful article and I for one look forward to learning more about how science and data can tell us more about those all important profile pictures that we post.

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