LinkedIn's new Profinder service, recently launched in the US and not yet available in the UK, is potentially a very powerful business development tool for professional services and financial services professionals. 

Profinder allows a LinkedIn member to request a service by filling out a short form about the service they need. LinkedIn will send the member's requirements to up to 5 local providers.  The potential providers can then respond with a short proposal if they choose to do so. The potential client will see the full LinkedIn profiles of the service providers and their proposals.   The LinkedIn member can then contact their chosen provider directly and reach an agreement for the proposed service. 

If it works as intended, clients can use LinkedIn to source lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, wealth managers and many more professionals with the expertise they require in their local area. For more information on Profinder, click here.

What does the launch of this new service mean for UK professional services and financial services professionals? 

  • You need a LinkedIn account and should make sure you've added the correct postal code to your profile. 
  • Your LinkedIn profile must be current, engaging and contain the right key words or phrases a potential client might use - your profile 'headline' must be key word heavy 
  • You should consider requesting LinkedIn based recommendations from clients as these validate your expertise. 
  • Highlight your expertise by publishing LinkedIn long-form posts and status updates.
  • Consider investing in a premium LinkedIn account as you can only respond to 5 requests with the free account. 

Get ready for Profinder and watch this space.