Working in the marketing department for a professional services firm is both challenging and rewarding. Tradition runs deep in firms that have built their success on a steadfast business model, but changes over the past few years have rocked that steady boat. For many professional firms change is a daunting prospect. 

Despite this it is time to recognise that consumers, or clients in the case of a service providing company, are seeking something more, something added. Something we like to refer to as 'added value' here at Duncan & Toplis. 

Not only is it about being different, bold and innovative we must be personable, approachable, honest and as plain as it sounds... normal. 

We must be human. 

This shift in the way professionals and business people interact with each other has come about from a rise in the use of social media and being open and matter of fact, or is it the other way around? 

Either way business is changing and it is worth considering what clients are looking for on an individual basis - what does 'added value' mean to them and how can you deliver it?