One of my pet hates has to be when you look at a business Twitter or Facebook account and notice that they last posted 4 months ago. And that happened to be when they announced a new solution package with a particular campaign... what a coincidence. It's a sad thing to see social media used merely as a platform for shouting about ourselves.

Why? Because now, with new buying habits and expectations we need to be building relationships with our customers and continuing the conversation consistently, rather than demanding their attention when we need it most.

There is so much being promoted out there on a daily basis. I know that the best way to find something to read is to go to one of the blogs or businesses who have gained my trust through regular, quality, helpful content. It's quicker, and wastes less of my time.

Will market choice eventually become more like choosing a friend you would like to hang out with, rather than simply opting for the cheapest deal?

The question we need to be asking is how can you avoid being sidelined by your competitors who are maintaining a constant stream of communication? Timescaled campaigns can only get you so far, there needs to be some substance in between.

Get to grips with outsourcing and scheduling to make sure that you have a consistent level of resources for content creation and social media. Your holiday to the South of France doesn't need to mean a tumbleweed moment on your accounts and neither should it.

How are you making sure that your marketing is coming across consistently?