The Twitter tide is changing, with Instagram taking the crown as the most popular social media platform for advertisers.

With a decline in revenue (111% in 2014 and 59% in 2015), the move to Instagram by advertisers is obvious. Instagram now has over 200,000 advertisers on the platform.

However whether Instagram will be more effective for advertisers is another story. Consumers do not want to be irritated by ads. If the situation is not managed there is a fear users may move away from Instagram if there are too many sponsored posts clogging up their feeds.

Instagram works much better if it shows the personal side of a business such as behind the scenes at an event or personal quote from their CEO. This will help businesses build relationships with their consumers. I think only the very slickest advertising will work well here.

And the bottom line is that Twitter is still heavily used, but the way it is being used is changing. It is much more effective for news type items than all other social media channels.

If you are wondering how useful Instagram is for B2B? (Hint: Very), this blog post might be of interest.