Is the LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft going to help us as marketers?

Are Microsoft able to improve the intelligence of the platform to improve our feeds to ensure they are full of relevant and useful content?

If so, what is the opportunity?

Could this help us Marketers (If we avoid considering the elephant in the room and look at their failed acquisitions)?

With the utterly bonkers amount of content that is available and being produced each second, we all know how difficult it is to get our content in front of our target audience.  

We should be producing content is targeted towards our prospects, addressing their challenges and pain points. But, there is a constant risk that we spend the vast majority of our time shouting into the void.

LinkedIn currently use a variety of signals to determine what content appears in your feed. These signals include your connections, content that you consume and engage with and information about your career.

LinkedIn is already using its algorithm to automatically adapt your feed content to match your professional interests.  The question looming is how is the Microsoft acquisition going to change this and what is the impact that has on us marketers?

I think this could be a massive opportunity to produce content that is really targeted and specific to your target audience. It will help filter out people that are shouting into the LinkedIn void and help us get through the noise.  

It will mean we all have to have very clearly defined buyer personas.  

For now, we'll have to continue producing content that is focussed on our target audiences challenges and pain points. 

Producing relevant content

Producing valuable content 

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