An interesting, and not surprising move from the social networking Goliath which benefits both individual members and Facebook themselves.

We as ordinary members of Facebook benefit because we see more of what's important to us - posts from family and friends, and Facebook benefits because brands and publishers will inevitably have to increase the amount of paid advertising they do on the site.

For some time now, it has been getting harder for brands to gain organic visibility for their posts, and if Facebook has just made it even harder for them, then they are likely to invest more in advertising.  So ironically, brands will benefit too because the reach they can get through targeted sponsored posts is extensive.

That said, brands will have to work very hard to make their posts less corporate and more personal in order to get shared.  It's pretty clear to anyone that Social Media is a medium for people to engage with each other so the starting gun is being fired to herald an era of highly personalised and emotive advertising.