Definitely the most common conversation theme I get into with prospects, is the breakdown in communication between Marketing and Sales.

This is because Inbound Marketing exposes the way buyers want to buy from you, and time and again, we see the buyer being let down at the point where Sales get involved (or more commonly, don't get involved).

In our 'Future of Sales' report, research shows that buyers rate the 'initial sales contact' as the least valuable interaction out of all the marketing and sales interactions they have before buying.

This is down to a complete misunderstanding of how Marketing and Sales need to work together, from both sides.

I'd also like to add that business leaders are often misunderstanding this crucial connection too, otherwise why would they still tolerate 90% of Marketing Qualified Leads never getting contacted by Sales? (another horrific finding in the research).

There are solutions though. We help our clients solve this issue quickly to make a massive impact on their pipeline early in our work together.

And the excellent Grow and Convert blog have a great article below that you can check out how to fix it yourself too. 

Here's a snippet of what can happen when you get it right...