The importance of nurturing your email subscribers is often forgotten in Email Marketing. A lot is written about email best practice, from design to layouts, however hardly anything is written about how to nurture the relationship with your email subscribers.

Too often companies use emails as a medium to send out the latest 'urgent' messages to their databases. For example: We may have already told you that we have 4 places left to fill at our conference, but we're going to tell you on the hour every hour until we fill them! However, the damage done to the reputation of your emails is hardly ever worth the internal urgency to get these types of messages out. 

Email as a channel has the highest ROI for marketers, so it is so important to treat your subscribers well. If I hand over my email address to a company, I expect to receive value from this. I would expect to receive tailored content according to my interests, as well as exclusive offers that aren't available to non-subscribers. If I don't receive this, it is more than likely that I will unsubscribe and then you have lost the ability to market to me via email.

Adding value to emails will ensure that a company is differentiated from the crowd. Being recognised as an organisation that values their subscribers will continue to increase engagement with your emails, and ultimately mean better results from your emails.