I've read several stats on the power of video in B2B campaigns. Forbes say 75% of all executives use B2B in the buying cycle (and then 65% of them say they'll visit the brands site afterwards).

IDG state that  91% of B2B tech buyers watch videos during the purchase process (from their Customer Engagement study)

The studies mentioned below state similar figures. 70% of B2B buyers watch videos during purchase. 

But this isn't behaviour. This is what people "say" they do. Behaviour can be different (I tell people I run 5 times a week. What I do is probably not quite that amount.... behaviour versus saying...)

Ok if that's what people say. What do they do?

A recent campaign for a content hub brought us 145x higher ctr from Video than traditional Display (with the same message). Wow, but what about conversions? 

Again, 500% higher. 

Anecdotal maybe, but the fact is people say they use video and our experience tells us they're not lying.

If you don't use video. You should.