We all know him as the England and Wasps heavyweight, but off-field, James Haskell is carving himself off quite a considerable chunk of the fitness industry. Now while some may think his business success is only down to him already having the public's ears/eyes/hearts.. ahem, but why then is the fitness industry not awash with similar ventures?

He is definitely doing something right and eager start ups could do well by his example:

1. He targets his audience.

Well wouldn't you when you've amassed over 133k Instagram followers? Now you might not have that following when starting a business but remembering those first few clients is vital, who knows what doors they will open for you.

2. He uses multiple social/media channels.

We know you can't market through one channel any more. Eyes and thumbs wander over countless platforms every day and so should your content.

3. He has a side kick.

They are literally #couplegoals to just about any one, but Haskell and his fitness pro girlfriend Chloe Madeley CONSTANTLY share each others content. Sometimes sickly sweet but always effective.

4. Content. Content. Content.

He's everywhere, he's consistent and he isn't boring. He delivers key messages that are easy to digest and (appear) super easy to follow. 

So startups. Time to flex the proverbial biceps and nail your content marketing campaign.