Are you getting LinkedIn endorsements for skills that are no longer important to your current role?  

Now is the time to make sure your LinkedIn profile communicates the skills you want to highlight so that you are more likely to get endorsements for these key skills. 

Why? LinkedIn is re-architecting the backend infrastructure of how endorsements work so that:

1. Endorsements made by mutual connections you share with the viewer of your profile will be highlighted. For example, a viewer might see beside a skill listed on your profile: 'Endorsed by 3 of your colleagues and 2 other mutual connections'. 

2. Endorsement suggestions provided by LinkedIn to your 1st degree connections when they view your profile will be smarter. For example, if you share a skill with a 1st degree connection who is viewing your profile, that skill will be suggested for endorsement. 

What do you need to do to make sure you get endorsed for the skills you want to highlight?

1. Check that you have your current key skills listed on your profile - add them if they are not there. 

2. Make sure you move your key skills to the top of your Skills and Endorsement section list. LinkedIn will be targeting these skills as endorsement suggestions when your LinkedIn connections view your profile. How to do this? Just click on 'Add Skills' and move your key skills to the top of the list and save. 

LinkedIn is rolling out the new endorsements features globally on the LinkedIn mobile app now, and these updates will also be available on the website soon. 

Now's the right time to make sure your key skills get noticed and endorsed.