Are you using Instagram stories for your business account? No? Well you might be missing a trick.

If you're new to Instagram Stories, it's essentially Instagram's own version (some may say rip off but we quite like it) of Snapchat. You can upload pictures and videos which are separate to your perfectly curated feed, and they remain on their for 24 hours before being automatically deleted.

It's a super fun way to enhance engagement on your account and whilst they don't have the same features as Snapchat in terms of fun filters, you should be getting involved. 

So how can you use Instagram stories to benefit your channel?

Go Behind The Scenes

Use stories to offer your audience a glance at what goes on behind the scenes! Keep it informal, raw and unstaged. Lets face it, everyone loves to be nosy so this offers an exclusive glance into the everyday life of your company.

Stray From Your Theme 

Lets face it, Instagram is home to an abundance of carefully curated themes with specific filters and colours - especially if you're in the fashion/creative industries. Instagram Stories allows you to let loose from your restrictive theme and have a little fun. 

Promote Special Offers 

Why not use Instagram Stories to share exclusive offers to your loyal social media followers? It will give them a reason to stick around and if you add a sense of urgency (i.e. expires tonight!) then it's much more likely to capture attention and encourage sales. 


Why not try out an Instagram takeover? Could you contact a relevant influencer within your industry to takeover your Instagram for 24 hours? It's a great opportunity for creating unique and interesting content for your users. If you pick the right person then it should definitely bring attention to your account so give it a go!