Content that draws you in, grabs your attention and makes you forget about everything else. This is the holy grail of online content. How then can we do this? Make it more interactive! 

There are one million and one examples in everyday life as to why 'interactive' is better - the sandwich I just ordered at lunchtime came from a set list of ingredients, but it was my  own creation and tasted all the better for it; IKEA furniture which we cobble together at home (with many swear words and chipped corners)... we built it! ; The teacher who quizzes their students and gets them to partake in experiments... The list goes on.

My point is that when the users contributes to the creative process they are inherently more invested, both physically and emotionally. Not only are they more involved, but it is a more personal and user-focused experience, adding more value to the overall customer journey whilst giving the organisation more data on that individual user. WINNER!

So with your online content, try and see where you can include the user and take them on a different sort of journey. This can be through polls, questionnaires, videos, interactive infographics, games for them to play etc. It doesn't matter what you do, just make it interesting!