I've believed for a long while that the real power of Social Media is within communities.  And small communities too.

All too often we look at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and just see the big picture - the really big picture, often imagining the incredible potential that the reach of these networks can give our businesses.

But actually it's the niches, the groups, forums and specialist Social Networking sites where there is the most potential for organisations to use Social Media.  Here you have ready-made groups and communities of your target audience who are already talking about the products and services that you supply - or those that they would like you to supply.

And then along came the so-called Influencers - often the YouTubers with followers in the multi millions.  Again, brands can be seduced by the reach these people can give them, yet they often overlook the 'micro-influencers' who all too often will have a far deeper understanding of specific markets, and indeed, may well be engaged with your customers at a very deep level.

This article from CNBC is worth a read, and for me sums up the importance of brands engaging with those with a smaller number of followers - but who in time could be extremely valuable to help you engage with your target market.